Coated Metallized



A top-coated and metallized cast polypropylene offering excellent barrier and seal strength.
For use where a superior barrier is required and for extended shelf-life applications.  DURAMET® CPP provides a recycle-ready solution if used in all PP packaging structures.
Data Sheets: US/Imperial: DURAMET® 30 CPP developmental
                                 Metric: DURAMET® 30 CPP_m_developmental




A low-e top-coated and metallized polyester film with polyethylene extrusion applied to the non-metallized side. Offers excellent corrosion resistance and low emissivity values.

Applications: Insulation, protective and cold chain packaging facer material

Data Sheet (Imperial/Metric): REFLECT-MET® PET/poly_1123
Fact Sheet: REFLECT-MET® PET-poly




REFLECT-MET is a low-E (0.05 emissivity), corrosion-resistant, metallized PET facer with heat reflection properties and a corrosion-resistant protected metal layer.  Application: reflective and radiant barrier building insulation, VIPs (vacuum insulation panels), clothing, and protective packaging.

Data Sheet (Imperial/Metric): REFLECT-MET®                         
Fact Sheet: REFLECT-MET® PET_1123



A top-coated and metallized polylactide acid film.  A corn-based sustainable film with high oxygen and water vapor barrier.
Available one side heat-sealable or non-heat-sealable web.
Meets compostability standard ASTM D6400.

Use: for extended shelf life applications.
Data Sheet: US/Imperial:  DURAMET®_HSDURAMET® PLA
                               Metric: DURAMET® PLA