Recycle Ready Barrier Polyethylene

Meet your Sustainability Goals of:
 Layer elimination, source reduction.
 Reduction of your carbon footprint.

Additionally, create a fully functional package that meets your product requirements with:
 Tailored barrier characteristics.
 Film functionality to match the package requirements.

All this can be found in our metallized barrier polyethylene films to produce a customized and functional mono-material barrier package.

See the fact sheet Recycle Ready PE  for further information.



CEL-MET™ Sealant for source reduction while maintaining the traditional functionality of the package.  Take your product from a three-ply to a two-ply structure with our metallized barrier sealant; a metallized polyethylene film with high seal strength on the other side.
Available in 125 ga, 150 ga, 175 ga, and 200 ga
Data Sheets: US/Imperial: CELMET™_SEALANT
                                 Metric: CELMET™_SEALANT m
Fact Sheet: Metallized Sealants

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O2 Barrier Sealant HB

A metallized barrier sealant polyethylene allowing you to go from 3 ply structures to 2 ply structures without sacrificing barrier, COF values or sealing performance.
Available from 125 – 225 ga
Data Sheets: US/Imperial: O2 Barrier Sealant_HB
                                 Metric: O2 Barrier SEALANT_HB_m
Fact Sheet: Metallized Sealants

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