Employment Opportunities @ Celplast

    Are you interested in working in a self-directed team-based work environment?
Are you physically strong and able to have movement as an important part of your job?
Are you looking for opportunities to learn “on the job” skills? (certified forklift driver, maintenance & operation of manufacturing equipment, workplace safety, troubleshooting, communication & continuous improvement)

There may be career options for you at Celplast Metallized Products!

Celplast is a manufacturing facility located at the 401 and McCowan in Scarborough. This Canadian-owned and operated company has provided high-quality metallized films for food packaging and the building insulation industries for over 35 years.

We are currently looking for Machine Technicians:
– Starting salary is $18.50/hr, increasing to $28.50/hr upon successful completion of training components.

Machine Technicians at Celplast have access to a variety of benefits and incentives including:

Profit-share Program
– Based on quarterly financials, 20% of all pre-tax profits are shared amongst employees
– Target profit-share is $4,000/year/employee

Education Program
– Full financial support offered for any work-related program at a College or University
– Conditional support for any non-work-related program at a College or University
– Interest-free loan for the purchase of a new computer
– Financial support for spouses (up to $500/year) and children (up to $5000/year) for College or University programs

Health & Wellness Program
– Gym membership support & special programs (“Butt Out” incentive to quit smoking, weight loss, cardio, etc.)
– Dental care & drug plan (100% of eligible drug costs), AD&D, OOCC, life insurance
– Medical & paramedical: occupational therapists, physiotherapist, massage, acupuncture, etc

Group RRSP – Company match – up to 5% at 6% employee contribution

Machine Technicians have moved on to fill other positions within Celplast such as: sales & marketing, lab testing, quality control, shipping & receiving, repair & maintenance, customer service, and management.

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