Commitment to Innovation pays off as Celplast Metallized Products New Top-coating Metallizer Begins Production

Celplast Metallized Products Limited installed the first of its kind in-line top-coater metallizer in the world earlier this year to produce protected high-barrier materials for the flexible packaging and converting industry. Initial commercial line barrier results of DURAMET® 48 g polyester have surpassed pilot line barrier values with oxygen of 0.033 cc/m2/day. and water vapor barrier of 0.062 g/m2/day.


EU and Canada agree to set a date for the provisional application of the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement

The Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement marks a new chapter in the relationship between the EU and Canada. Both at EU level and in Canada, the necessary steps were taken to ratify the agreement. The agreement will now be provisionally applied and will enter definitively into force once the Parliaments in all Member States of the EU ratify the text according to their respective domestic constitutional requirements.


In-line Metallizing and Flexo Top-Coating

By applying a flexo coating immediately after the metallizing zone in a vacuum chamber, and then E-beam curing that coating all in one pass, the inherent barrier of that metallized layer is locked in, with a minimal number of coating defects.