High Barrier Film Solutions

We offer an extensive line-up of films to fulfill the most challenging packaging requirements.

The FOILMET® family of products offers a range of high barrier solutions for improved shelf life and foil replacement applications.
Fact Sheet: FOILMET™ FMP 2103

The family of ULTRAMET® films, is an all-encompassing product line with superior metal adhesion to polyester functionality, high barrier properties and excellent water resistance that can meet the requirements of your most critical applications.
Fact Sheet: ULTRAMET® Fact sheet 2103



ULTRAMET® WR HB a metallized polyester film with ultra-high metal-to-PET adhesion combined with ultra-high barrier values.
One side metallized, one side corona treated.
Available in 48 ga (12µm)
Data Sheet: US/Imperial: ULTRAMET® WR HB
                                Metric: ULTRAMET® WR HB_m