Recycle Ready Barrier Sealants and Facer Film

   Barrier and sealant all in one film, eliminating a layer and a process.



    Top Coated & Metallized Barrier and Facer Films

       Metallized polyester film with a protective top coating.



   Metallized Films

    For applications requiring standard barrier and adhesion properties, and also

   for decorative use.


Celplast Ultramet WR 1     Metallized Barrier and High Adhesion Films

      Superior metal adhesion and high barrier properties for challenging packaging



   CamclearTransparent Barrier Films

    Quality barrier film is available on a wide range of substrates, allowing your

   product to be visible.


7764052_m Sustainable Films

Compostable and source-reduction films.

DSC00106 Stripe Metallizing

Fully customizable ZONEMET® stripe metallized film. Contract metallizing is also available for your unique substrate.



Susceptor Metallization

Controlled Density Metallization offer precision metallization for microwave packaging applications.