Sustainable Packaging Films

A variety of sustainable solutions, including high barrier films for layer elimination, environmentally friendly films with post-consumer recycled content and bio-based films.

Metallized polyethylene was re-processed into pellets and then extruded to film again.
See the reults.

High-Barrier Metallized Polyethylene Sealants
Metallized Barrier Sealants will fulfill your sustainability goals, with recycle ready and layer elimination solutions. Customized answers to your packaging requirements.
Fact Sheet: Recycle Ready Barrier Solutions_1909_r

Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) Metallized Polyester
A complete line of PCR metallized barrier polyester films provides barrier values of traditional metallized polyester with the same performance characteristics that you expect.
Fact Sheet: DURAMET® PCR PET along with other PCR polyester offerings listed below.

High Barrier Metallized PLA Compostable Film
Offering a high barrier metallized and top-coated and a moderate barrier metallized PLA.  A renewably sourced compostable packaging solution.
Fact Sheet: ENVIROMET® 1911



CEL-MET™ Sealant for source reduction while maintaining the traditional functionality of the package.  Take your product from a three-ply to a two-ply structure with our metallized barrier sealant; a metallized polyethylene film with high seal strength on the other side.
Available in 125 ga, 150 ga, 175 ga, and 200 ga
Data Sheets: US/Imperial: CELMET™_SEALANT
                                 Metric: CELMET™_SEALANT m
Fact Sheet: Metallized Sealants

Applications: -

O2 Barrier Sealant HB

A metallized barrier sealant polyethylene allowing you to go from 3 ply structures to 2 ply structures without sacrificing barrier, COF values or sealing performance.
Available from 125 – 225 ga
Data Sheets: US/Imperial: O2 Barrier Sealant_HB
                                 Metric: O2 Barrier SEALANT_HB_m
Fact Sheet: Metallized Sealants

Applications: -


ULTRAMET® HB PCR a metallized polyester film with 90% PCR content, offers ultra-high metal-to-PET adhesion combined with a superior barrier.
One side metallized, one side corona treated.
Available in 48 ga
Data Sheets: US/Imperial: ULTRAMET® HB PCR
                                 Metric: ULTRAMET® HB PCR_m
Fact Sheet: ULTRAMET® PCR 2011



Metallized polyester film with 90% post-consumer recycled (PCR) content, offers ultra-high metal to PET adhesion with water resistance.
One side metallized, the other side corona treated.
Available in 48 ga.

Data Sheets: US/Imperial: ULTRAMET® WR PCR
                                 Metric: ULTRAMET® WR PCR_m
Fact Sheet: ULTRAMET® PCR 2011




A top-coated and metallized polylactide acid film.  A corn-based sustainable film with high oxygen and water vapor barrier.
Available one side heat-sealable or non-heat-sealable web.
Meets compostability standard ASTM D6400.

Use: for extended shelf life applications.
Data Sheet: US/Imperial:  DURAMET®_HS |   DURAMET® PLA
                               Metric: DURAMET® PLA-m



Metallized, bio-degradable biaxially oriented poly (lactic acid) corn-based film.
Retain compostability of your package while achieving the barrier properties you need.
One side metallized, with opposite side plain or heat-sealable.
Film Thickness Available: 80 – 160 ga (20 – 40 micron)
Data Sheets: US/Imperial: ENVIROMET® | ENVIROMET®_HS
                                 Metric: ENVIROMET®  | ENVIROMET® HS
Fact Sheet: ENVIROMET® 1610