Transparent Barrier Solutions

Are you looking for a high-barrier, transparent film that will showcase your product?  We offer a broad range of transparent barrier films to fulfill varied and stringent packaging requirements.

Our FOIL-ALOX high-barrier transparent coating that can be applied to the substrate of your choice, including PE, PET, BOPP, and PLA films.  Our coating technology can also be applied to your supplied film for personalized customization.

Ceramis® Silicone Oxide (SiOx) films offer of range of transparent substrates, from moderate to ultra-high barrier, to suit a wide range of applications, including recycle-ready.
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FOIL-ALOX Transparent Barrier

New! AlOx Technology is now available. Offering the latest barrier innovation in high-barrier transparent films.

FOIL-AlOx + inline top-coating technology can be
applied on different substrates, including:

Recycle Ready PE Films
Compostable Films
PET and OPP for Ultra-High Transparent Barrier


Ceramis® SiOx HB BOPP

New! Recycle-ready transparent high-barrier SiOx coated film.

The SiOx-coated family of films has expanded with two new high-barrier BOPP film offerings:
Ceramis® CPP-008 high barrier SiOx BOPP and
Ceramis® Ultra CPP-009 with true ultra-barrier values.
These films are SiOx coated on the treated surface, heat-sealable opposite the SiOx side.

Data Sheets: US/Imperial: CPP-008 | CPP-009 (Ultra)
                                Metric: CPP-008_m | Ultra CPP-009