Showcase your Products with High-Barrier Silicone Oxide Coated Transparent Films

  • Non-yellowing clear barrier
  • High barrier comparable to metallized films
  • Retortable
  • SiOx coating available on PET, BOPP, nylon, and PLA films
  • 7 day lead time for stock items

Transparent SiOx Barrier Films

Ceramis® Silicone Oxide (SiOx) Coated clear barrier films offer a wide range of transparent barrier substrates, including polyester, polypropylene and nylon for a wide variety of applications from pouches and tubes to lidding and other laminates.  Films are also available for retort applications.
Fact Sheet: Ceramis®_20-11


Ceramis® SiOx HB BOPP

New! Recycle-ready transparent high-barrier SiOx coated film.

The SiOx coated family of films has expanded with two new high barrier BOPP film offerings:
Ceramis® CPP-008 high barrier SiOx BOPP and
Ceramis® Ultra CPP-009 with true ultra-barrier values.
These films are SiOx coated on the treated surface, heat-sealable opposite the SiOx side.

Data Sheets:
US/Imperial:  CPP-008; CPP-009
Metric:  CPP-008_m; CPP-009_m