About Us

Vision and Purpose

Giving Our Customers the Opportunity to Succeed

    Nurturing a highly educated and self-directed workforce
    Creating value through innovation
    Providing the converting industry’s best customer service
    Leading the market with the quickest response to changing customer needs

Our Credo

We care about People:

    The Celplast team and its families
    Our customers suppliers and partners
    Our industry and our communities

Our Beliefs

Our beliefs are built on trust. Trust in people to do what is right for each other and for the business.

    We are able and empowered to make decisions.
    We develop people as well as products.
    We add value to people’s lives and their families.


The FiSH! philosophy promotes a culture of accountability where people support one another and take responsibility, while instilling some levity and humor in our lives. The results make for a great work environment and also for great customer service!

Make Our Customers Day – contributing to others’ lives in a unique and memorable way
Be There – support each other and our customers’ interests
Play – creating value through innovation, with enthusiasm and fun
Choose Our Attitude – being aware; to look for the positive, is to find the positive


Company History

About Celplast Metallized Products Limited:
Celplast Metallized Products Limited, established in 1983 by Chuck Larsen and Bill Hellings, initially gained prominence as the preferred contract metallizer for major polypropylene film manufacturers in North America.  In the 2000’s it evolved into a provider of high value, certified metallized and clear barrier products.  Over its 40+ year journey, Celplast has grown to a team of over 50 professionals committed to providing the converting industry’s best customer service.

The company achieved a significant milestone in 2017 with the installation of the world’s first in-line flexo top-coater and metallizer, featuring patented Metacoat™ technology. This innovation opened new avenues for barrier performance, addressing markets and packaging formats previously untouched by metallized films. With numerous industry awards and a commitment to innovation, Celplast is a leading barrier film solution provider, actively collaborating with customers, suppliers, and industry partners to create tailored solutions that meet the evolving needs of the market. Under an experienced management team and a solid financial foundation, Celplast remains dedicated to fostering a spirit of innovation and ensuring the success of its customers.

Dante Ferrari

Dante Ferrari

 Chuck LarsenCEO Chuck LarsenBill Hellings Bill Hellings




Many Nations, One Culture

Our strength is based on our culture. In some ways it is exclusive: our self-directed work teams, trust-based credo and training programs ensure that only those who are hard-working self-starters, who want to improve every day, will be privileged enough to join the Celplast family. And it is also inclusive: anyone from anywhere in the world who exhibits these traits can join the Celplast family. Being in Toronto, we draw from a diverse array of backgrounds with different viewpoints, and we are stronger for it. We welcome all nations to be a part of something special, the Celplast culture.

Growing Together

As our business grows, we generate new challenges that give our employees the opportunity to grow and succeed. This provides our customers with the industry’s best customer service and the best barrier film solutions, giving our customers the opportunity to grow and succeed as well. And guess what? When our customers succeed, our business grows, creating new challenges and starting the cycle all over again.

Industry Commitment

We believe it is important to champion the cause of the flexible packaging and converting industry, by sharing our expertise with the industry and by promoting our industry to the general public. Therefore, Celplast Metallized Products is proud to be a strong supporter and active member of the industry associations shown on this page.

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