Poly lactide acid (PLA)




A top-coated and metallized polylactide acid film.  A corn-based sustainable film with high oxygen and water vapor barrier.
Available one side heat-sealable or non-heat-sealable web.
Meets compostability standard ASTM D6400.

Use: for extended shelf life applications.
Data Sheet: US/Imperial:  DURAMET®_HS |   DURAMET® PLA
                               Metric: DURAMET® PLA-m



Metallized, bio-degradable biaxially oriented poly (lactic acid) corn-based film.
Retain compostability of your package while achieving the barrier properties you need.
One side metallized, with opposite side plain or heat-sealable.
Film Thickness Available: 80 – 160 ga (20 – 40 micron)
Data Sheets: US/Imperial: ENVIROMET® | ENVIROMET®_HS
                                 Metric: ENVIROMET®  | ENVIROMET® HS
Fact Sheet: ENVIROMET® 1610



Differentiate your product with a fully customizable stripe pattern metallized film.
Available on a variety of substrates.

Data Sheets: US/Imperial: ZONEMET™
                                 Metric: ZONEMET™_m
Fact sheet: ZONEMET™ In use
Design your Package: Stripe_Design_Criteria_rev A


Susceptor metallization

Offers a controlled-density deposition of metallization for microwave packaging applications.
Can be offered on different substrates depending on requirements.

Data Sheets: US/Imperial: CEL-MET Susceptor HS PET
                                 Metric: CEL-MET Susceptor HS PET