September 13, 2017
by Canadian Packaging staff

TORONTO—Canadian Packaging magazine visits Celplast Metallized Products Limitedat its Toronto facility on September 13, 2017, for the debut of Celplast’s revolutionary DURAMET top-coated metallized PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) film.

It brings a lower cost, lower carbon footprint alternative to foil in the high barrier flexible packaging market. In head-to-head tests with four-ply PET/foil/nylon/CPP (Cast polypropylene) adhesive laminates, three-ply PET/DURAMET/CPP adhesive laminates have achieved similar barrier and bond results to the four-ply foil structure.

Mike “Pinball” Clemons provided the event’s opening remarks. Clemons was a running back and kick returner with the Toronto Argonauts of the CFL (Canadian Football League) between 1989-2000, and is in the CFL Hall of Fame, and the Canadian Sports Hall of Fame.

Company information available at www.celplast.com.

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