In-line Metallizer / Top-coater for Top-quality REFLECT-MET Insulation Films

Stay tuned for updates on the installation and commercialization process.


Metallized and Top-Coated Building Insulation Film

         Reflective Insulation on ventilation pipes


Metallized reflective facer material, for use in low-E building and protective insulation applications.

REFLECT-MET® uses Metacoat®, the first technology in the world that enables in-line EB curable coating at production speeds in a vacuum metallizing chamber. With this new technology, we can produce up to widths of 98″ and provide short lead times, giving our customers the flexibility to manage their business.


Emissivity compares to that of foil at 0.05 – 0.06

Corrosion resistance:
Meets ASTM D3310 (7 days at 71 C, 100%RH) corrosion protection requirement on metal surface.

Excellent vapor retarder:
Passes ASTM E96 perm test after 28 day at 49 C 95%RH
Passes ASTM C1258 at .235 perms.

Bonds well to LLDPE sealant web

Excellent foil-like appearance

REFLECT-MET® for Your Insulation Needs

Providing you the flexibility to manage your business.

  • REFLECT-MET® facer material soon available in web widths up to 98″ wide.
  • Wide web availability allows you to streamline your processes; finally, facer seaming can be a thing of the past.
  • Metallizing and top-coating in one pass for shortened lead times.
  • On-site quality testing conducted for the critical facer requirements.


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