Barrier presentation at AIMCAL Fall Technical Conference 2013

Dante Ferrari of Celplast Metallized Products will be presenting at the AIMCAL Fall Technical Conference (Oct. 27 – 30 in Charleston, SC). Flexible packaging barrier properties and how it translates to real world use will be discussed. For high barrier flexible packaging, understanding how barrier properties are impacted by handling through pouch-forming, the supply chain and in the consumer’s hands is critical. You may have excellent barrier properties in a laminated rollstock. But what happens to the package in the real world? We studied barriers of 3 different types of metalized films in 2 ply and 3 ply laminate structures, both before and after gelbo-flexing. Three different adhesive systems (solvent-based, solvent-less and water-based) were evaluated, and bond strengths of each finished laminate were also measured. Come join the conversation and discover the truth about barrier properties and how you can improve your packaging!

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ICE Barrier Packaging Presentation

Celplast Metallized Products recently co-presented a paper with Larry Jopko of Dow at the TAPPI Barrier Symposium at ICE in Orlando, FL, entitled “How good is your barrier packaging in the real world?”  This paper focused on barrier properties and lamination bond strengths of 2 ply and 3 ply metallized film structures, both before and after gelbo flexing. Two different high barrier metallized films were examined:  Barrier Sealant metallized PE and Metacoated PET.  Three different adhesive systems were evaluated: solvent based, solventless and water based.  The Barrier Sealant in a 2-ply structure, laminated to clear PET, gave the best performance in terms of retaining barrier properties after Gelbo flexing. Celplast Metallized Products is a leading supplier of high barrier films to the North American converting industry, including SUPERMET™ and ULTRAMET™ for high metal adhesion, and FOILMET™ for high barrier.  Celplast is also the exclusive distributor to North America of the CERAMIS® SiOx-coated and Camclear® AlOx-coated families of clear barrier films.  Celplast has recently introduced a family of top-coated metallized films, with a top-coating designed to protect the metal layer from moisture and hot, humid environments.  This includes REFLECT-MET™ for reflective insulation and radiant barrier applications, as well as DURA-MET™ for extended shelf life food packaging.  Celplast also offers testing for OTR, WVTR, metal adhesion, emissivity, scuff resistance, corrosion resistance and […]


Leadership Development Rapidly Takes Hold at Celplast Metalized Products

Leadership Development SIG at Celplast Metalized Products Our members were fascinated to learn that the Celplast organization, with roughly 60 employees, has roughly 60 leaders! Yes that’s a 1 for 1 ratio and I must say a few members had raised eyebrows when Marc Jolicoeur, Plant Manager, shared this statistic with us.  Celplast has been on a leadership development journey for the past 18 months and has been experiencing incredible results due to their investment in people and leadership.  I bet you want to ask “What’s unique about their approach”?  Well to be honest, there are a number of unique elements that are coming together to create the momentum in this company. Currently the Celplast program focuses on five key elements. Forward Thinking Senior Management The FISH Philosophy 1/4ly memorable moments Situational leadership Generous recognition and rewards The first element, forward thinking management, is an element that was not specifically mentioned, yet I believe is the most important of all elements.  During a trip to the east coast a couple of years ago, Marc experienced the FISH philosophy first hand and recognized that this was a leadership approach that could make a significant impact in his company. Upon his return he approached the management team with the news of what he had uncovered and the process was underway.   Clearly without […]

HFH housing  

Celplast Metallized Products and Underwriter’s Laboratories join forces

November 4th, 2011 – To give back to our local community, Celplast Metallized Products Limited and Underwriter’s Laboratories joined forces to support Habitat for Humanity Toronto (HFHT). HFHT’s mission is to mobilize volunteers and community partners in building affordable housing and promoting homeownership as a means to breaking the cycle of poverty. On November 4th, 2011, 6 volunteers from Celplast and 7 from Underwriter’s Laboratories spent the day getting their hands dirty, bringing the homes one step closer to move-in ready. The two companies’ monetary donation will go towards the purchase of construction materials and help enable future build sites. Once completed, the site at 4572 Kingston Rd. in Toronto will provide residence for 29 families. Work on the site began in September 2010 and is expected to finish by year end 2011. Celplast volunteers pictured from right to left include Krish Tharmal, George Dong, Weijia Zhang, Veronica Ataya, Dante Ferrari and Sid Fernandes. HFHT is part of a global organization which averages completion of a single-family house every 10 minutes. Since its founding in 1976, Habitat for Humanity has helped build or repair over 400,000 houses and served over 2 million people around the world. For more information please visit http://www.habitat.org or your local chapter website.