Dante Ferrari of Celplast Metallized Products will be presenting at the AIMCAL Fall Technical Conference (Oct. 27 – 30 in Charleston, SC). Flexible packaging barrier properties and how it translates to real world use will be discussed.

For high barrier flexible packaging, understanding how barrier properties are impacted by handling through pouch-forming, the supply chain and in the consumer’s hands is critical. You may have excellent barrier properties in a laminated rollstock. But what happens to the package in the real world? We studied barriers of 3 different types of metalized films in 2 ply and 3 ply laminate structures, both before and after gelbo-flexing. Three different adhesive systems (solvent-based, solvent-less and water-based) were evaluated, and bond strengths of each finished laminate were also measured.

Come join the conversation and discover the truth about barrier properties and how you can improve your packaging!


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