The Barrier People.

Metallized and Clear High-Barrier Films for the Converting Industry

Better Than Foil

FOILMET may be the alum foil replacement that you have been looking for,  read about 5 Areas In Which Metallized Film Beats Foil

Smart Product Windows

Retain high-barrier properties when adding a view of the product. ZONEMET Stripe metallizing has helped win 2 AIMCAL marketing awards for creative new packaging of potatoes and cigars.

Up to 10x Barrier Improvement

By top-coat protecting the metallized layer, DURAMET offers barrier improvements up to 10x that of traditional barrier films.


Creating new industry standards and custom solutions, our self-directed work teams and state-of-the-art lab make us creative and agile.

30 Years of Expertise

We pride ourselves on listening to the problems affecting converters and brand owners and responding with solutions.

Best Customer Service in the Industry

And we’re always striving to improve. Learn more about our culture.

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