About Us

Vision and Purpose: Giving Our Customers the Opportunity to Succeed

  • Nurturing a highly educated and self-directed workforce
  • Creating value through innovation
  • Providing the converting industry’s best customer service
  • Leading the market with the quickest response to changing customer needs


The FISH philosophy promotes a culture of accountability where people support one another and take responsibility, while instilling some levity and humor in our lives. The results make for a great work environment and also for great customer service!

Make Our Customers Day – contributing to others’ lives in a unique and memorable way
Be There – support each other and our customers’ interests
Play – creating value through innovation, with enthusiasm and fun
Choose Our Attitude – being aware; to look for the positive, is to find the positive

Company History

Celplast Metallized Products Limited was founded in 1983 by Chuck Larsen, CEO, and Bill Hellings, President.  Celplast’s initial growth was as the contract metallizer of choice to the major polypropylene film manufacturers in North America. With this technology base, and a focus of providing the highest level of customer service and superior quality, Celplast expanded to metallizing an array substrates for various markets. Now, with more than 30 years in the market, Celplast Metallized Products has grown to a team of 50 people. With three metallizing chambers, five slitter/rewinders and the latest barrier, metal adhesion and benchtop lamination lab equipment, we have developed a broad range of high barrier, high bond metallized films.  With over a dozen technical publications and nearly as many industry awards for innovation over the past decade, we have become the premier barrier film solution provider to the converting industry. Going forward, with a solid financial base and the recent transition in ownership to a youthful management team, we are stronger than ever at fostering this spirit of innovation.  Working with customers, suppliers and industry partners, we are constantly creating new barrier film solutions, solutions that respond to the ever-changing needs of the converting market and enable our customers to succeed.

Dante Ferrari

Dante Ferrari

Chuck Larsen

Chuck Larsen

Bill Hellings

Bill Hellings
Vice President

Industry Commitment

We believe it is important to champion the cause of the flexible packaging and converting industry, by sharing our expertise with the industry and by promoting our industry to the general public. Therefore, Celplast Metallized Products is proud to be a strong supporter and active member of the industry associations shown on this page.