Metal adhesion has long been a challenge in the converter packaging world.  The ubiquitous stand-up pouch (Reverse printed PET/Metallized PET/Sealant) and other standard laminated packages, always had intermittent, unidentifiable de-lamination issues, which would crop up from time to time with corona treated polyester and then disappear with no explanation.  It was found however that this nuisance issue could be corrected with metallizing chemically treated polyester film.

But nothing ever stays the same.  Along came hazelnut-flavored coffees, eucalyptus-infused pet treats, large format side-gusseted stand-up pouches and other formats, and increasing usage of solventless adhesives.  Delamination issues re-surfaced once again. Polyester laminated to polyester introduces two stiff films which in and of itself, is its’ own challenge. Now, strong flavors,new, larger package formats, and stiffer adhesives have been introduced to the mix adding to the daunting task of achieving high bond strength and subsequent barrier requirements.  Our customer needed to achieve better bond strengths that their customer, the brand owner, demanded.

In response to this challenge, SUPERMET™, a metallized polyester that provides 600 g/in of metal adhesion to polyester was introduced. The adhesion strength is accomplished through a proprietary metallizing process; but more importantly SUPERMET™ proves to be a viable solution for many structures including the above cited examples.

SUPERMET™ was quickly followed by SUPERMET™ HB, a metallized polyester with the same 600 g/in of metal adhesion strength and with improved oxygen and water barrier properties meeting a broader base of market requirements.

As our customers have continued to push for further advancements in adhesion and barrier performance, we have continued to respond and develop advanced products to meet their evolving packaging needs.  From these efforts, ULTRAMET™ has been created as the next generation of advanced metal adhesion technology, achieving metal adhesion bond strength of 1000 g/in (500 g/in MA-2). This product is suitable for many applications, but in particular works well for large format pouches with a rigorous distribution cycle.

In keeping with tradition, the ULTRAMET™ family has been expanded with ULTRMET™ HB  with the same adhesion of 1000 g/in with superior oxygen and water barrier.  ULTRAMET™ WR is the newest product in the ULTRAMET family, providing water resistance in addition to high bond strength.  In its unlaminated form, this product can be immersed in water for 24 hours with no noticeable degradation.  This can be used in the most demanding “jungle type” applications, such as lawn & garden bags which are meant to be stored outdoors, or tubes and pouches for bath and shower products which are meant to be stored in a humid bathroom environment.

Stay tuned for further news and developments in this area.





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