Looking for ways to increase barrier properties of your package?  Here is some factors to consider when it comes to optimizing package barrier and improving production efficiencies. 

With high barrier metallized films offering barrier values in a range of 0.31– 0.46 g/m2/day water vapor barrier, and 0.31 – 0.46 cc/m2/day oxygen barrier, they can offer several advantages over foil in both production and final package integrity.

1.  There is no question that metallized film offers better puncture resistance over foil.  From the time the product is manufactured, packed and transported, the package will be flexed countless times and pin-hole and flex-cracking will occur.  Though the product remains intact, foil barrier can be adversely affected by content vibration creating microscopic punctures. High barrier metallized films can improve shelf life over foil by resisting these punctures and retaining their high barrier properties.

2.  Foil possesses dead-fold characteristics that make creases and wrinkles permanent.   Making its way through the various channels to reach the store shelf, a package can look shopworn by the time it is in front of the consumer.  Without the memory characteristics of foil, metallized films will withstand this handling, arriving on the store shelf with the fresh and original appearance and graphics intact.

3.  Metallized film can run at faster line speeds compared to foil.  Typically run at thinner gauges than standard gauge packaging grade foil, metallized films can be sealed at lower temperatures, permitting increased line speeds.

4.  Seal performance of metallized films overall is superior to foil due to the differences in surface characteristics.  Foil creates aluminum hydroxide when exposed to moisture in the atmosphere and so is prone to inconsistent treat levels across the web, causing poor adhesion in foil laminations.  Converters have found the issue to be corrected once switching to metallized films.  Improved seal performance also equates to less sealant required to achieve a strong bond, which will save money.

5.  Puncture resistance, memory characteristics, minimized inputs and increased productivity; all these factors mean a more robust package and a more economical method to creating your barrier solution.

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