Reflective Insulation


Celplast: A 2008 Vacuum Metallized Product Winner – AIMCAL

In the Industrial Category, Celplast received the Technical Award for its REFLECT-MET™ top-coated metallized PET, which is used in AstroShield material, a low emissivity product sold by Innovative Energy Inc., Lowell, Indiana, for applications requiring reflective insulation or a radiant barrier. Converted by Pregis Innovative Packaging Inc., Plymouth, Indiana, and used primarily in building construction and remodeling, the AstroShield options include REFLECT-MET™/bubble/bubble/Reflect-Met, Reflect-Met/white bubble or Reflect-Met/white bubble/white bubble. The coated metallized layer helps the lamination meet water vapor transmission, strength, thermal and fire performance requirements, while providing a brightness similar to foil. In fact, the REFLECT-MET™ layer meets reflective insulation standards for moisture corrosion resistance (ASTM D3310), vapor retarding (ASTM E-96), aged vapor retarding (ASTM C1258) and emissivity less than or equal to 0.05 (ASTM C1371). The coated metallized polyester also is significantly more machinable than thin-gauge foil because its resists the tear-outs and creasing that typically generate scrap rates ranging from 4% to 8% for foil laminations. Perhaps, most importantly, the REFLECT-MET™ metallized polyester meets pending changes to the ASTM E-84 flame test, which will render laminations using an unprotected foil layer unacceptable. Finally, the fiber-free lamination comes in easy-to-handle rolls, requires no custom installation tools, and eliminates the need for any special personal protection equipment. Although insulation is a big market for metallized material, the judges concluded, “We […]