Clear Barrier Films


Celplast Metallized Products introduces Camvac’s Camclear®

Celplast Metallized Products is proud to announce it has become the exclusive distributor of Camvac Limited’s line of AlOx-coated clear barrier PET films – Camclear®. Available in both 36 and 48 gauge, these films are competitively priced and are an improved barrier alternative to PVdC-coated PET and EVOH coex films, allowing converters to achieve OTR of 0.20 cc/100 in 2 /day and WVTR of 0.13 g/100 in 2/day. Camvac Limited has been producing Camclear® since the mid 90’s and the product is widely used in Europe. This product line compliments Celplast’s existing line of clear barrier films, CERAMIS® SiOx-coated PET, OPP and nylon for retort and other demanding clear barrier film applications, as well as Celplast’s extensive line of metallized films such as SUPERMET™ for high metal adhesion, FOILMET™ for high barrier, ENVIROMET™ for high barrier PLA, and CEL-MET Sealants and Barrier Sealants to combine metallized and sealant layers. For more information, please contact us at  416-293-4330, x-235 or 238.