Aluminum Oxide (AlOx)


Stripe Metallized Barrier AlOx Pouch Award

AIMCAL Product Competition Award Winners March 2015 Packaging: Nonfood: Marketing Celplast Metallized Products, Toronto, Ontario, captured the Marketing Award at the AIMCAL winter conference.  Celplast is recognized for their role as stripe metallizer of high barrier aluminum oxide coated polyester.  Other participants in creating the package include converter Prairie State Impressions, Franklin Park, IL, and substrate supplier Camvac Ltd., Thetford, UK. The metallized zippered pouch for Gold Strike Robusto cigars from Swisher International, Inc., Jacksonville, FL combines 48-gauge PET/48-gauge aluminum oxide with stripe metallized PET/2-mil PE.  The finished package achieves multiple benefits with high barrier properties and eye-catching graphics. According to Celplast, half of the aluminum oxide-coated PET is metallized. The stripe-metallized film is then laminated to the printed web.  High barrier properties of the aluminum oxide allows Prairie State to run a single web instead of two webs reducing material costs by more than 25 percent.  The lamination also permits higher printing and pouching speeds for increased efficiency.  The resealability feature with the zipper and product visibility through stripe metallizng creates value and great shelf appeal for the consumer.  “A 25 percent cost reduction is substantial,” stated one judge. The judging panel also liked the resealability of the package.


Celplast Metallized Products introduces Camvac’s Camclear®

Celplast Metallized Products is proud to announce it has become the exclusive distributor of Camvac Limited’s line of AlOx-coated clear barrier PET films – Camclear®. Available in both 36 and 48 gauge, these films are competitively priced and are an improved barrier alternative to PVdC-coated PET and EVOH coex films, allowing converters to achieve OTR of 0.20 cc/100 in 2 /day and WVTR of 0.13 g/100 in 2/day. Camvac Limited has been producing Camclear® since the mid 90’s and the product is widely used in Europe. This product line compliments Celplast’s existing line of clear barrier films, CERAMIS® SiOx-coated PET, OPP and nylon for retort and other demanding clear barrier film applications, as well as Celplast’s extensive line of metallized films such as SUPERMET™ for high metal adhesion, FOILMET™ for high barrier, ENVIROMET™ for high barrier PLA, and CEL-MET Sealants and Barrier Sealants to combine metallized and sealant layers. For more information, please contact us at  416-293-4330, x-235 or 238.