The Next-Generation of Metallized Barrier Films with Metacoat® Technology

Our new in-line top-coater and metallizer is now producing commercial product!

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Inline Coating and Metallizing Process

What is DURAMET®?

Metallized and top-coated films with excellent barrier properties.

DURAMET® uses Metacoat®, the first technology in the world that enables flexo printing of EB curable coatings at production speeds in the high vacuum environment of a metallizing chamber. By protecting the metal layer immediately after the deposition zone, significant barrier improvements are achieved on a wide variety of substrates.


  • Layer elimination
  • Foil replacement
  • Carbon footprint reduction
  • Hot fill
  • Retort packaging

Improved Barrier Properties

The Metacoat® process seals and protects the metallized layer inside the chamber, significantly improving and stabilizing barrier properties.

The causes of defects:

  • Scratches
  • Impurities flaking off


The solution:

The in-chamber coating protects the metal layer and impurities are trapped.

Barrier Properties of Metallized versus Metallized and Coated Films

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