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6103213_mFast Delivery

Products delivered within 7 – 14 days across North America. Have a tight deadline? Most standard products are inventoried in master roll form and can be custom produced and delivered within one to two weeks.

Contract MetallizingCustom

Contract metallizing and slitting/ rewinding/reworking services are available. Have a unique film that you would like metallized and/or slit and rewound? From receipt of your material, to processing and shipping, we have the experience to seamlessly and expertly handle the job.

metallized testing lab Lab Work

Barrier testing of WVTR, OTR, metal adhesion, emissivity, corrosion and scuff resistance in our state-of-the-art R&D lab. Contract testing is available (discounted rates for customers).

Tech SupportTechnical Assistance

Support in processing of metallized films and web handling. Need some assistance in processing metallized or coated film? Our team of expert web handlers will be happy to assist.

Barrier FilmsWide Variety of Flexible Substrates

Metallizing on a wide variety of flexible substrates, including: polyester (PET), polypropylene (BOPP), polyethylene (PE), tedlar, halar, polylactide acid (PLA), as well as fabric materials.

Multi met bagsHeavy Metallization (4.0 optical density)

A consistent metallization density ensures a flat quality roll of film with no gauge bands. Roll mapping verifies specification throughout the roll.


Susceptor or Light Density MetallizingSusceptor or Light Density Metallizing

A highly controlled product, maintaining a tolerance of +/- .02. Suitable for the most stringent applications.

Coloured / Metallized PET and PEMetallized PET and PE

Contact us for your specific requirements

Stripe MetallizingStripe Metallizing

Customized to your Specifications. Want a unique stripe design for your package? Striping is available on any substrate with no limit to the number of stripes.